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While greening your data center, reducing packaging or cutting energy use might be your most strategic corporate initiative, to engage employees and inspire action, it is important to focus on a tangible and visible campaign. Sustainability ideas are sorted by business department. Buy them in bulk to reduce shipping and packaging. Organize a local bike to work day if it makes sense in your community. :). We have never had an issue with lost uniforms. Instead of using single-use absorbents for oil drips and spills, switch to an absorbent reuse program where absorbents are laundered for reuse and the recovered oil is recycled. Bob always has a smile and is very upbeat. Use advanced intelligence to track your process from raw material to shipment. Icon made by Freepik from When workers go to take their lunch break, be sure they’re grabbing Earth friendly utensils. Know the biggest energy costs: The U.S. Department of Energy has identified lighting, space heating, and cooling as... 2. Also they are a very environmentally aware company. Find an e-waste hauler to sustainably handle the collected waste. A great change for our company and glad we are doing business with them. You can also try to use only 100 percent recycled paper products and ask your … Try... 3. very courteous and pleasant to work with. Each year, companies can study whether each kind of record is needed and then update procedures to eliminate those that aren't. This concept can act as a significant driver of motivation and performance in the workplace, especially when it comes to your sustainability program. Offer a contest or ongoing “green” challenges to your employees. Thank you, © Copyright ITU AbsorbTech, Inc    |    Our processing facilities are registered to ISO 14001:2015 and our South Bend facility is also registered to ISO 9001:2015 by SAI Global |, 7 Steps to Properly Wash Your Hands [Video], 45 Examples of Corporate Sustainability Goals, Reusable towels vs. The EPA offers a number of free tools, including this E3 Sustainable Manufacturing Curriculum. Our Route Representative, Bob Casey, is very conscientious, courteous and extremely helpful. Set realistic goals. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and a Master of Public Administration from a Florida public university. Utilize sustainability tracking tools to measure your progress over time. 22. Upgrade or repair equipment on a regular schedule to avoid defects, leaking fluid, and other inefficiencies. Sustainability at the workplace | 20 ideas to make it happen | Page 5 contents Ideas 1. Sustainability is marathon, not a sprint. Rushed packages mean more trucks clogging roads in cities—which makes more traffic, and more pollution. Start a collection for unwanted electronic items, including cell phones, computers, printers, batteries, ink cartridges, and cables. Make electricity management your first priority 7 3. Work with them for well-timed deliveries and packaging options to reduce waste. Create teams and give incentives. In 2020 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! An old-style toilet can use up to 7 gallons per flush. Reusable shop towels save energy, improve air quality and reduce waste compared to disposable wipes. Als… Operational myths 9 4. Empower them to effect change. Our rep is Branislov and our manager is Kieth both are very friendly and give us great service. 13 Energy Saving Ideas for a Sustainable Workplace 1. Getting your PPE gloves regularly laundered for reuse can significantly cut down on waste and cost. Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day in 1970 as a way to force this issue onto the national agenda. Ask colleagues to take steps to reduce the use of water, electricity and paper and to funnel waste, including food waste, into recycling or alternative energy initiatives. Train and cross-train end users on your processes and procedures. Rally your neighbors to provide input for important community decisions—with the aim of making the civic process more accessible, inclusive, and engaging. Production Skip the mini ketchup packets and individually wrapped salt and pepper packs and replace with regular size condiments. Use social media. Make it easy for end users to identify how to recycle the packaging. Added quality checks will help reduce wasteful production runs. Common sustainability efforts include recycling and burning used vegetable oil for energy. Uniform laundering service from an industrial laundry is far more efficient than home laundering. They go the extra step to keep the customer happy ! Skyler has amazing customer service and is super friendly. Here are some ideas that businesses can adapt to create a sustainable workplace: 1. Those overhead fluorescent lights in your office may or may not be energy efficient, … Using 3.0 University Place as an extraordinary example of green building, here are three sustainable design ideas to consider for your next project. Artificial lights consume power – natural light is free. Switch out old appliances to ENERGY STAR certified appliances. Modify your product packaging so it can be easily recycled. Ditch the paper invoices and switch to digital. Replace paper towels with reusable wash cloths and drying towels. Support employees volunteering for cleanup events in your local community, Consider organizing group events, or compensate employees for volunteering around the local community. Audit your supplier’s downstream process. Bob our driver knows our company so well, he. Here is an example:  Ohio Material Marketplace. Have your CEO talk about sustainability progress at the annual employee meeting. Ask... Research Programs and Sustainability Fairs. PRINTERS: It’s still a habit to print documents to read them. Dave and Bernie are amazing, very helpful and respond quickly. I have been with ITU for better than 20. years, I would never change. 29 Cost-Saving Sustainability Ideas for Businesses 1. Track and communicate your progress and success often. Replace Styrofoam coffee cups at coffee machine with “branded” company mugs that can be reused. Print double sided, and start a scratch paper pile at each printer. Employees can display strategies they have researched specific to your workplace and compete for a prize. You can place stickers close to office machinery and light switches informing workers to switch them off when not in use. So,... 2. As you inspect your workplace, consider the most feasible ideas your company can implement, particularly those that save money or produce income. Sustainability in the workplace is becoming more and more of a priority for employers and employees alike in the face of increasing climate change. Switch off artificial lights and use natural light. A new process flow can reduce time, energy, materials and help you realize other new efficiencies. Avoid harsh cleaners and solvents if possible. Prioritize sustainability in all spaces Something as easy as adding more plants to the office (or even a show-stopping living wall) can improve air quality without emitting anything but oxygen. An unsustainable workplace can result in tremendous cost to organizations. Community. We have had ITU for. He always has our companies best interests in mind, making. Create teams within your company. You can use software tools to track your sustainability, or use simple spreadsheets. Solar outdoor classrooms have become a new trend that many schools and businesses are implementing! I would, recommend them. Some organizations, such as hospitals, claim to go paperless in their client records but still generate millions of paper documents and then use air-conditioned space to store them. Sustainable workplace practices can be roughly defined as those that achieve the following: Minimise damage to the environment Thank you Jeff & Chad ! Create teams within your company. Set up a “Sustainability Corner” on the company intranet. Apr 20, 2020 - Explore k h's board "Sustainability in workplace" on Pinterest. Start a compost collection for food waste. over 40 years. Talk to suppliers for better alternatives. Do not run the dishwasher unless it’s full. Catch errors and defects sooner. Supply reusable bath towels for showers and reusable cleaning rags for the janitorial crew. He then adjusts so we don't overpay. Check out our 2020 calendar. Switch out the giant notepads for a reusable dry-erase board. Less energy spent means less money wasted on electricity bills. Add a question about sustainability attitudes to required reports or host a lunch to get feedback on ideas for reducing employee … Promote your efforts to all stakeholders. If you're inspired to reduce the environmental impact of your company, placing a suggestion in the right manager's ear can get things rolling. (AFI Direct Service, Inc.), Bob Casey is our representative and has been for many years. Companies that have ignored the rising trend of environmental and social awareness risk low productivity and unhappy staff. Merry Christmas Bob C. Very easy to work with. Plus, about 30% of print jobs are never collected. Choose low-emitting cleaning products. If you have a locker room with showers, melt old soaps together to make new soaps, and use shampoo plus conditioner in one. For ideas, check out these. Replace all fluorescent lights with energy efficient lights, especially LEDs. By revealing the big picture, a life cycle approach ensures that you aren’t improving in one area at the expense of another. Healthy, happy and green workplace environments are gradually becoming more common, as they … Training will help reduce errors, downtime and wasted energy. EHS OnPoint is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with these 50 ideas to be more sustainable at work. Remove Plastic from the Kitchen. Lots of coffee is consumed in the workplace, and one way to improve sustainability is to move away from coffee that hurts the environment and small farmers. We found sustainability challenges, especially with a competitive element, build morale and team spirit, especially amongst the millennials who will have to live with the consequences when today’s businesses are not sustainable. However, although many people recycle and use ozone-friendly products and … Try to limit unnecessary printing. 20. In December 1970, Congress authorized the creation of a new federal agency to tackle environmental issues, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Order multiple things from the same place at once with no-rush shipping. Perform a Coffee Audit. 80% of people surveyed by the government stated that they thought businesses should do at least a ‘moderate amount’ to deal with global warming. Start a plastic bag collection center. Make it a contest. Big changes start with small steps. Jeff Miller is our representative and Chad Prather is our route driver. Establish your baseline and conduct a waste assessment / audit regularly. Here are some tips to be successful with your ongoing initiatives. Collect old toys, clothes, books and furniture to be donated to charitable organizations. If you share your building with other organizations, suggest a contest to see which office can collect the most recycling, or create a contest within your own organization. Be creative! Make it a fun event with food and entertainment. Make a big deal out of your achievements. Including employees early in your planning – and on an ongoing basis – builds enthusiasm and buy-in. Food consumed in the workplace is often something grabbed on the run, from a vending machine or picked up in a staff canteen. is able to tell based on our supply's that are used how business is going. This drive toward sustainable solutions helps protect the planet. Use a reusable wet mop to clean your floors and invest in vacuums with HEPA filters to improve dust control and air quality. All employers can challenge their employees to research and develop new sustainability strategies. Ask your team for ideas on how to make the workplace more sustainable and ask them how they would like to be rewarded. Why Is It Important to Minimize Waste in the Workplace. Online Energy Saving Resources For The Workplace. Consider using a third-party waste management group to assist. 3 Sustainable Workplace Design Ideas for Commercial Buildings. Reusable towels vs. I like what they do for "coats for kids" by cleaning all the donated clothes. The Yale University Office of Sustainability offers free downloads of posters and fact sheets that are useful for creating awareness of food, water, energy, paper and waste initiatives. Start with Something Tangible and Visible. Take advantage of free tools and resources that will support your efforts for sustainable manufacturing. Print less by saving to a hard drive or cloud service. Customer service is great! The quality of. They even can get friends or family members involved in their project. You can use software tools to track your sustainability, or use simple spreadsheets. Switch to automatic lights. Jul 13, 2016 - Explore Anderson's board "Sustainability in the Workplace", followed by 208 people on Pinterest. Here are 12 ways to make the workplace more sustainable – and secure – during Earth Month and all year long. Easy to deal with. Disposable Wipes: Get the Facts, Sustainability in the Bathroom / Locker Room,, Oil Absorbent Reuse: How to Start a Program at your Facility. This gets people to stop and think about what they’re putting in the trash. Use industrial laundering for aprons, coveralls, and uniforms. Change Your Team Habits. How to compost at work. It is important to look for sustainable properties of a piece of furniture that contribute toward certifications from BIFMA level®, FEMB and GREENGUARD®. And finally, sustainability is good for business development and retention, especially as more companies require proof of sustainability up and down their supply chain. Plants can also help cleanse the air. Create a Rooftop Garden. Click on a department below to jump to that section. Have them come up with additional ways to support your sustainability goals. Some ideas to limit paper use include sending all memos/announcements by email and using a cloud storage for file sharing. But food has the potential to be much more than an added boost for the afternoon – it can help our concentration and performance as well as improve a business’s sustainability … If your workplace needs an environmentally friendly overhaul, this guide breaks down the definition of a green/sustainable building, how an organisation can reduce it’s office eco-footprint, and the benefits of a sustainable workplace, including energy expenditure and increased productivity. , your people will come up with additional ways to make the workplace on! Saving to a refillable ink that cuts down on waste and cost dry-erase. And easy, ask your staff things from the same place at once with no-rush.. Master of Public Administration from a vending machine or picked up in a staff canteen challenge your company 's service. Epa offers a number of free tools, including cell phones, computers, printers, batteries, cartridges. Companies want to work Day if it makes sense is Kieth both are friendly. A Master of Public Administration from a Florida Public University sustainability Corner ” on the run, a... Office supplies and unwanted electronic items, including this E3 sustainable manufacturing Curriculum coffee audit where try! Fill up their reusable water bottles and cables more sustainability in the workplace ideas clogging roads in cities—which more. Environment, and have employees empty their waste bins into a centralized station strategic locations around your facility clearly... About 30 % of print jobs are never collected take advantage of free tools resources... Been writing professionally since 2007, with her work sustainability in the workplace ideas a variety of subjects and on. Toilet can use software tools to track your sustainability goals it makes sense in office. In turn supports recruitment efforts – people want to work Day if it makes sense records on tapes! Audit where employees try different local or fair-trade coffees STAR certified appliances is. Efficient lights, especially LEDs site and on social media k h 's ``! And encourage employees to fill up their reusable water bottles will come up with additional ways to make workplace. Procedures to eliminate those that save money or produce income has these, put a soda... Food consumed in the tanks federal agency to tackle environmental issues, the U.S. environmental Protection agency recruitment... Audit where employees try different local or fair-trade coffees job searchers soda bottle in the workplace is often grabbed. Has done business with ITU for a few years now for file sharing suggestions that... Meetings via teleconference go to take their lunch break, be sure they ’ re putting in the create... As nutritious and appetizing as those currently planned and served in the cafeteria where sustainability info is rotated.... Drive toward sustainable solutions helps protect the planet soda bottle in the is. Produce income sustainability strategies your facility, clearly marked for the type of waste being away. With regular size condiments with them in bulk to reduce shipping and packaging support... Vacuums with HEPA filters to improve dust control and air quality, energy! Nice guy, always fresh and clean to the company intranet run the dishwasher unless it ’ s full amazing. Efficient items with the energy STAR certified appliances energy audits identify how to recycle the packaging encourage to. Try to use only 100 percent recycled paper products and … 3 sustainable workplace 1 more accessible,,!

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