monocrotophos systemic or contact

Monocrotophos is a highly toxic organophosphate insecticide that is reddish brown solid in appearance and has a mild ester odor. NPV(S) 100 LE 1 ml Green Spodocide,Biovirus-S 60. The aim of this chapter is to describe the behavior of monocrotophos in plants, i.e., its penetration and translocation into new growth, its rate of dissipation, and routes of degradation. ----- 4 Physiological and Biochemical Behavioral Characteristics o Mechanism of Pesticidal Action: Monocrotophos is a systemic and contact poison. Monocrotophos is principally used in agriculture, as a relatively cheap pesticide. Abstract. Monocrotophos 36 SL (Systemic+Contact) 1.5-3 ml Red Storm,Monocrown,Monohit, Monodhan,Phoskill,Tatamono, Luphos,Nagphos,Dhanuman, Monomain, 57. Contact acute LD₅₀ (worst case from 24, 48 and 72 hour values - μg bee⁻¹) Oral acute LD₅₀ (worst case from 24, 48 and 72 hour values - μg bee⁻¹) 0.02 Neem(Aza 10000 ppm) 1 ml Green Neemarin,Neemazol T/S 58. The ACGIH has a TLV-TWA of 0.25 mg/m 3 for this reddish-brown solid with a mild ester odor. It has been shown to be genotoxic. We are the exporter and trader of Monocrotophos 36% SL insecticides at Kalyani Industries Limited As an organophosphate, monocrotophos exerts its toxic action by inhibiting certain important enzymes of the nervous system (cholinesterase). It is a broad spectrum insecticide, which makes it harmful to both pests and non-pest insects. Skin contact with this pesticide may cause localised sweating and involuntary muscle contractions. Give atropine if instructed. Monocrotophos: Monocrotophos is an organophosphate insecticide that inhibits monoamine oxidase and acetylcholinesterase. Technical: Monocrotophos 36% SL Substance group: Organophosphate Pesticide type: Insecticide, Acaricide (NOT FOR VEGETABLES) Mode of action: Broad spectrum, systemic with stomach and contact action 1 Litre Packing Recomendation: The proposed PEL was 0.25 mg/m 3 as an 8-hour TWA; NIOSH (Ex. (E)-Monocrotophos is an Agricultural insecticide with both systemic and contact actio MONOCROTOPHOS is a colorless crystals with a mild ester odor, commercial product is a reddish-brown solid. Eye contact will cause pain, bleeding, tears, pupil constriction and blurred vision. It also has systemic and residual contact actions. Uses. 1965). Novaluron 10 EC (IGR) 0.5-1 ml Green Rimon,Carser,Pedestal 59. OSHA formerly had no limit for the systemic insecticide monocrotophos. Price : Get Quote We offer Monocrotophos 36% S (Glophos) which is manufactured from premium quality raw ingredients in accurate composition. 56. Monocrotophos is a vinylphosphate insecticide with contact, systemic, and residual activity (Corey et al. The Monocrotophos 36% S is an ideal insecticide which works as a stomach poison and contact and is useful in rapid killing of insecticide. Body Contact: 3 Reactivity: 2 Chronic: 2 Min/Nil=0 Low=1 Moderate=2 High=3 Extreme=4 NAME CAS RN % monocrotophos 6923-22-4 >98 Section 4 - FIRST AID MEASURES SWALLOWED • If swallowed: Contact a Poisons Information Center or a doctor at once. Following exposure by any route, other systemic effects will either begin within a … If swallowed, activated charcoal may be advised. 8-47, Table N1) concurs with this limit, which is established in the final rule.

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